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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Most Inspirational Republic Day Speech By President Of India (♥)

Republic Day Speech By President Of India :My friends, 70th Republic Day, you all want a lot in the morning. Friends, on the day of Indian Independence, the day of celebrating our country and celebrating it. And thanks to the successful efforts of the Independence Day of the Indian Republic Day.

Anyway copy these inspirational 26 January speech My friends, to the day of the Republic of India, our republican values have been established. And together with the day of remembering, and whose blood and love gave us freedom and honored our Indian Republic Day.

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Republic Day Speech By President Of India

Republic Day Speech By Abdul kalam

Friends, our Indian independence was fulfilled in this ethics of our commonality through the Indian Republic. By the way grab these Republic Day Speech By Apj abdul kalam from below. And through the Republic of India, the third principle was defined by our republic as well as collaboration.

The fraternity of Republican Republic of India was the theory. And after the principle of our independence, in which millions of people participated. And in our inspiration and leadership by Mahatma Gandhi, men and women of India took the liberty. If you are looking for 26 January Best speeches then you have landed on right place.

Republic Day Speech By Abdul kalam
 Republic Day Speech By Abdul kalam 2019

In the eighties, children always used to ask me questions such as “When can I sing the Song of India?” Today, the youth are asking me, “What I can give to India?” This shows that the nation is on a positive growth trajectory.

The change in pattern of the questions is indicative of the transformation which has taken place over the years. Also, I receive many e-mails and letters asking me “what I can give to India, my country?”

When I study the letters, messages and mails that I have received and also the personal interactions with the people, I can clearly see abundant opportunities in which every citizen can contribute. I thought of sharing this with you: My topic of this address will be — “What can I give to my nation?"

In Indian history, our nation has come across a situation, all at a time, an ascending economic trajectory, continuously rising foreign exchange reserves, increasing domestic investment with investors’ confidence rising steadily, global successes of Indian managerial and entrepreneurial talents, global recognition of technological competence, energy of 540 million youth, umbilical connectivities of more than 25 million people of Indian origin in various parts of the planet and the interest shown by many developed countries to invest in our engineers and scientists through setting up of new Research and Development Centres in India.

The distinction between the public and the private sectors and the illusory primacy of one over the other is vanishing. Also, there is a trend that many young people are opting for creating new enterprises instead of being mere employees.

Providing leadership for the one billion people with multi-cultural, multi-language and multi-religious backgrounds is indeed the core competence of our nation. Our technological competence and value systems with civilisational heritage are highly respected by the world community. Also, Foreign Institutional Investors find investing in India attractive as the returns are high and assured. Indian industrialists are also investing abroad and opening new business ventures.

Republic Day Speech By Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Save these Best Republic Day Speech By President to share on timeline And friends, they were adept in legal freedom for the freedom of our country. And they ruled by law. He was represented in an important phase. And the women of our India were very exposed to it.

Through our Republic of India, we are fortunate in our country, and our legacy and constitution have been found in the Republic of India. This Motivational speech on republic day 2019 is the amazing text material that you are looking for. And on the Republic Day of India, January 26, 1950 Bharat Des made the independence. And our nation-building was the major found stone.

Republic Day Speech By Atal Bihari Vajpayee
 Republic Day Speech By Atal Bihari Vajpayee 2019

My felicitations, to the brave soldiers of the three armed forces and to all our security forces, to our hard-working kisans and diligent workers. I greet our scientists, teachers, and our sisters and mothers whose awakening has unleashed India's Woman Power.

And, dear children, you are the future of our Nation.
Lots of love to you and my blessings….

Members of India’s Diaspora living in distant lands of the world my good wishes to all of you. You may be far away from India, but you are always close to our hearts.

I wish to congratulate all our sportspersons, who did India proud in the recent Commonwealth Games. In particular, our women, who have shown that they are in no way behind men. I am confident that Indian sportspersons will earn similar success in the Olympic Games.

Sisters and brothers, it is fifty-five years since we became independent. Today, we pay our homage to all the martyrs of the freedom struggle. We bow our heads before Mahatma Gandhi, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, and all other great leaders. We salute our soldiers, jawans of paramilitary forces, and police personnel who laid down their lives in combating terrorism.

Our tributes also, to the martyrs who foiled the terrorist attack on our Parliament on December 13. Terrorism has become a festering wound. It is an enemy of humanity. Our neighbor claims to oppose terrorism at the international level, but adopts double standards in the context of our region. After facing defeat in wars, it has resorted to cross-border terrorism for grabbing Kashmir. We wish to state once again that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India. It will remain so.

The world cannot accept that the cruel massacre of the Amarnath pilgrims or the carnage of innocent women and children at Kaluchak and Kasim Nagar are a part of any "freedom struggle". For us, Kashmir is not a piece of land; it is a test-case of Sarva Dharma Samabhava -- secularism. India has always stood the test of a secular nation. Jammu and Kashmir is a living example of this. And this itself is Kashmiriyat.

We shall defeat cross-border terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. This is our resolve.

We wish to have good neighborly relations with Pakistan. The Lahore Journey and the Agra Summit are a testimony to this. India wants all issues to be resolved peacefully and through negotiations. We are prepared to take some more steps in this direction. However, for this, it is necessary to create a conducive environment.

Infiltration into Jammu and Kashmir continues even today. Those who call the forthcoming elections in the State farcical should not give us lectures on Democracy. Let them take a look at their own track record. How can attempts to flagrantly provoke the people of Jammu and Kashmir to boycott elections create an atmosphere for any meaningful talks? Instead of resolving problems, this will only exacerbate them.

Sisters and Brothers, I am deeply saddened when I compare South Asia with other parts of the world. When Japan, which was devastated in the Second World War, today stands as one of the front-ranking nations; when the whole of Europe has united, forgetting all the old enmities; why can't we resolve all our contentious issues through talks?

We can. We will. Why can't we unite and fight against our real enemy, the poverty?
This is a challenge. No one is going to come from outside and meet it for us.
The process of peace and democracy has now arrived at a decisive turn in Jammu and Kashmir, which has been grappling with terrorism.

Elections are going to take place in the State. The dates have already been announced.
I am confident that these elections will be fully free and fair. No one need have any doubts on this score.
I appeal to the people of Jammu& Kashmir and Ladakh, as also to their representatives to participate actively and in large numbers in the elections and thereby demolish the motivated propaganda being conducted from across the border. No one will be allowed to create disturbances in the elections in Jammu and Kashmir. All the designs to create an atmosphere of fear will be frustrated.

The people of Jammu and Kashmir want to live in peace. For many years they have seen and suffered violence and bloodshed. They want to create a future for their children. My brothers and sisters in Jammu and Kashmir, today is an opportunity when we can together heal these wounds. Together, we can participate in the creation of a happy Jammu and Kashmir.

Republic Day Speech By Narendra modi 

Friends of Indian Republic Day came two years before independence. And after the Constitution, India's independence and the Indian Republic did in the right way and all the citizens had achieved the morality of equality. And the third theory had been defined along with our collaborative. Here i have gathered some great stuff of Republic Day Speech By pm modi so enjoy it.

Republic Day Speech By Narendra modi
 Republic Day Speech By Narendra modi 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech will be available on the Google homepage with public broadcaster Prasar Bharati tying up with the American tech giant for livestreaming the event.

Doordarshan’s coverage of Independence Day celebrations tomorrow will open with a patriotic song recorded by singer composer Shankar Mahadevan, and in a first, anchors will present the event from the ramparts of Red Fort.

‘Next level’

“Apart from what we normally do, which is going live on TV and livestreaming on Youtube and so on, we will also have the livestream available on the Google search home page as well,” Prasar Bharati CEO Shashi Shekhar Vempati told PTI.

“When people are searching for anything to do with Independence Day, the livestream will appear on their page on the top. This will dramatically increase the visibility and access to the livestream,” he said.

This facility was also used to telecast the inauguration ceremony of US President Donald Trump. “Livestreming has now been going on for a few years. Last year it was a million plus views, Republic Day was 3-4 million views. That is the general trend. This will take it to the next level altogether,” he said.

Digital push

Asked if the tie-up with Google was part of Prasar Bharati’s efforts to reach out to younger people, Vempati said the dominant sentiment about Doordarshan was nostalgia. With the younger generation having no real brand experience of Doordarshan, this was one way of making them familiar with it, he said.

“We have dramatically increased our digital presence. We have now 37 plus active Youtube channels which are uploading content from across the country, different languages, different regions. We have 250 plus Twitter handles across the network of all our regional news stations, All India Radio stations, Doordarshan Kendras. All of them are actively uploading on social media. This is part of our broader effort for a digital connect,” the Prasar Bharati CEO said.

The Prime Minister’s speech will be aired on All India Radio in about 20 different languages through the day, he said.

Vempati said a new version of the All India Radio news android application has also been launched which not only has the news bulletin in all the 20 plus languages and the livestream of the various All India Radio stations, but also has AIR’s external services.


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